How to run Bitcoin-Unlimited node on CentOS

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This will be a quick guide, I am using CentOS v6.5:

  1. SSH or Mosh to your VPS
  2. Download the latest bitcoin-unlimited client from:
    • At the time article written the latest version = v1.0.1.4 (Apr 24, 2017)
    • type:
  3. Untar the file.
    • type:
  4. Create your own RPC User and RPC Password for bitcoin-cli.
    • Step 1, create bitcoin folder:
    • Step 2, create config file:
    • Step 3, write your username:
    • Step 4, write your rpc password:
  5. You have 2 options to run the client full or prune.
    • For Full, type:
    • For Prune (keeping last X blocks), type:
  6. Confirm that it is running perfectly:
    • type:
  7. Make sure TCP port 8833 is open so it can communicate with other node:
    • Step 1, create the rule:
    • Step 2, save the rule:
  8. Check your node if it’s working properly at:
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