Being Satoshi Nakamoto

1 min read

yeah imagine you are Satoshi, you left the project, a seed, to the people that agree and believe with the vision you shared, later you found they are being tricked by a “big entity” and the vision now shifted and the project crumbled people speaking the original vision are being censored then you are seeing your small tree injected with the cancerous segwit activated on BTC chain luckily it was forked beforehand to bitcoin cash by later we found two-face miners, miners that have hidden agenda beside on saving the vision.

If you are Satoshi you will be pissed off! Your tree is not a toy project for developers and certainly not for miners looking for bigger profit in short, a-get-rich-quick-scheme. What will you do? You mine your own damn self, you protect the project as much as you can, you also seek for help with other company that can help you mine with the same vision as you, which is bitcoin peer-to-peer electronic cash, a sound money for the world. You want a forest.

Hence I am supporting BitcoinSV full node implementation to continue the chain journey in line with the original idea, Satoshi’s Vision.