Complete Guide Rasp Pi 4 for NextCloud + Redis + MySQL + Ext NTFS + Nginx Proxy Manager

NOTE: Use below Guide for Raspberry Pi 4 and OS Ubuntu 20.04 (64 bit only). If you are using older hardware <= Raspberry Pi 3 use this guide instead Complete guide NextCloud + External HDD NTFS + Nginx Proxy Manager. If you are looking for self-host-dropbox-like you are coming to the right place, I am […]

How to Setup a Forever Free SSH access to Raspberry Pi without port forward

My home ISP is using private IP for internet access meaning I can’t port forward from the router since the public IP actually used by multiple clients / houses meanwhile having dynamic IP cost me double, so my options are using ngrok or dataplicity or reverse tunnel to a VPS a rather expensive yet convenient. […]

Tips and tricks for your Raspberry Pi

Now you have a fresh Raspberry Pi that’s great now what? Here’s my tips to enhance your experience with Raspberry Pi Install unattended-upgrades This will ensure your pi will get the latest security updates this is important if you are going to install VPN (Wireguard) on your Pi, check this blog post I found […]

Installed PiHole and DNSCrypt-Proxy then what?

This is the continuation from the previous article¬†Simplest pihole + dnscrypt-proxy implementation on Raspberry Pi 4¬†today I will discuss what configuration that we should do next. Add Adlist There are so many adlist available however my suggestion is that you don’t have to add everything you found in the internet to Pihole adlist since that […]