Secure your DNS over HTTPS

This tutorial will use DNSCrypt-Proxy and as DNS resolver on MacOS Catalina 10.15.5 Step 1 – Install DNSCrypt-Proxy Step 2 – Download configuration from Step 3 – Move the configuration to the default setting location Step 4 – Run the dnscrypt-proxy with the new config Step 5 – Without closing the window on […]

Will the mystery uncovered behind Satoshi?

Everybody has this imagination of who or what is Satoshi? Is Satoshi actually individual or a group? Is he academic? Is he British? and after a decade it still remains a mystery. However, today is a very interesting day, the ning p2pfoundation website for Satoshi profile’s ( recently has activities the first being accepted a […]

Being Satoshi Nakamoto

yeah imagine you are Satoshi, you left the project, a seed, to the people that agree and believe with the vision you shared, later you found they are being tricked by a “big entity” and the vision now shifted and the project crumbled people speaking the original vision are being censored then you are seeing […]