CrazyStone DeepLearning vs Zenith Go 4

As promised, here’s the game between the new CrazyStone DeepLearning first edition against Zenith Go 4. I decided to have full 5 matches even if one of them won first 3 matches. Many AI now trying to implement deep learning after the successful AlphaGo match against Lee Sedol (9p). I hope Zenith Go will release […]

Go Database is a Must Have

If you don’t have a teacher/sensei to teach you to play go and if you feel you are too weak in the opening then I strongly suggest to have your own go games database. In order to utilize all the professional games, you need 2 things: Professional-Go-game records (SGF) Application to create database and pattern […]

Zenith Go is scary

I thought Zenith Go is similar strength to CrazyStone but apparently I was wrong. I purchased Champ Go HD which running on iPad and purchased in-app for Engine Server Game (8-core-Server) which according to the notes is the 6 dan KGS and the machine that won the eight UEC Cup GO Tournament. I also purchased […]