Will the mystery uncovered behind Satoshi?

Everybody has this imagination of who or what is Satoshi? Is Satoshi actually individual or a group? Is he academic? Is he British? and after a decade it still remains a mystery. However, today is a very interesting day, the ning p2pfoundation website for Satoshi profile’s (http://p2pfoundation.ning.com/m/profile?screenName=0ye0gncqg772o) recently has activities the first being accepted a […]

Being Satoshi Nakamoto

yeah imagine you are Satoshi, you left the project, a seed, to the people that agree and believe with the vision you shared, later you found they are being tricked by a “big entity” and the vision now shifted and the project crumbled people speaking the original vision are being censored then you are seeing […]

SSH uninstall tweak

So you used to type this a lot when you developing tweaks: then you think to yourself, how do I uninstall/remove the tweak then? Do this instead for example if my package ID is com.eligiblestore.vibrathor and want to uninstall this vibrathor tweak I type: and then don’t forget to respring if your tweak is based […]

CrazyStone DeepLearning vs Zenith Go 4

As promised, here’s the game between the new CrazyStone DeepLearning first edition against Zenith Go 4. I decided to have full 5 matches even if one of them won first 3 matches. Many AI now trying to implement deep learning after the successful AlphaGo match against Lee Sedol (9p). I hope Zenith Go will release […]