SSH over USB (Windows)

1 min read

I use this so I don’t need to check what is my iPhone IP address every time or disable VPN to connect properly with SSH over network. For Mac it’s relatively easy follow this link:

For Windows I tried this morning had some issues but finally resolved it and here’s how I do it.



  1. Install from Google Code
  2. Extract it to a folder, for example I extracted to C:\usb\ and run
    c:\usb\itunnel_mux.exe --iport 22 --lport 2222
    if it’s succesfull you will see this message with UDID (I redacted my UDID)
    If you face below error:

    [ERROR] Error 0x2 (2): 'No such file or directory'
    [FATAL] Could not locate 'Apple Mobile Device Support' folder path in registry:

    then you need to install iTunesDriver64_0205.exe

  3. Do not close window on Step 2, Open MinGW/Git bash and type:
    ssh root@localhost -p 2222

    if it’s successful you will be prompt for password the first time it will confirm to save RSA.

That’s it! Congratulations, You have just successfully tunnel your iDevice from USB and now you can SSH securely.