Surrounding Games. Will it become reality?

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The Surrounding Games Movie is actually an old project started in Kickstarter on 2012 with total pledged $25,339 collected. However it has been 4 years and no valuable update.

I was late in the game, the project has been brought to my attention since last year when I saw the trailer in youtube, below is the trailer that I watched.

and apparently they have the extended trailer as well

Their official website is and in the website they are looking for donation as well, when I knew it without over thinking I feel that since I was late in the game and now I had the chance to be a part of an awesome project and seeing how couple of professionals and Ing Foundation helping the project have made me confident that this will become reality soon, I donated right away to help the project and I just remembered about it that I did that couple weeks ago. My name is still showing in contributors page.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 10.12.35 PM

Until this blog posted in the website they are still at $16,378 donated of $18,000 goal. It may be the goal in the kickstarter is not enough or maybe that now they have more professionals willing to join in but they have their fund short that they have to ask second donation in the website, I don’t know. But I hope this movie is become reality. This is their donation page:

Do you believe in the project? Are you willing to help with the donation?

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