Crazy Stone analyzed game to SGF format

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I will not talking about how to analyze using Crazy Stone (either 2013 or Deep Learning) you can visit and learn about it at:

There is  a reply as well to use this github project  and I am going to show you how to do it step-by-step. First please download the project on kickstarter.


You have to install Python, recommended Python 3 from

Step 1

I assumed you have done the analysis as per the forum. Once you’ve done it you want to hit : File – Print – Record Analysis List

File – Print – Record Analysis List
Step 2

Now before you click on Ok to print, make sure the printer name is “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” and then hit OK. Then open dialog box appear asking where do you want to save the output to, please put it in the same directory as the project for easier process.


Step 3

Once you have printed it and everything put in place you can open Command Prompt. Go to the directory and make sure the OXPS / XPS file is there. Then write this magic command to convert to SGF:

py [filename].oxps


That’s it! You’ve successfully converted the analysis of the game to SGF.