Download Instagram Story or Live

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What is this about:

I will show you how to download instagram story or live (recorded) by download means you are not screen recording the whole thing and the videos will not have any comments filling up the screen.

What you need:

How to do it:

How to Download Instagram Story

  1. Open and login from chrome browser
  2. Install the extension if you haven’t
  3. Refresh the instagram page and you should see the new header, just right click and save. It will save as zip.

How to Download Instagram Live (recorded)

  1. Follow Step 1 & 2 from How to download instagram story.
  2. This time instead of right clicking on Istagram Story you right click on Instagram Live (recorded)
  3. Save both Video URL and Audio URL
  4. Install ffmpeg, if you are using a mac, from terminal enter below:
    brew install ffmpeg --with-fdk-aac --with-ffplay --with-freetype --with-libass --with-libquvi --with-libvorbis --with-libvpx --with-opus --with-x265

    For windows simply download the build from here:

  5. Once installed use below command to merge the video and audio file without re-encoding the whole thing, only took a second!
    ffmpeg -i VIDEO-FILE_v.mp4 -i AUDIO-FILE_a.mp4 -c copy -map 0:0 -map 1:0 -shortest OUTPUT.mp4

    Below is the sample if the above command successful:


Feel free to ask from the comment section below.

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