Zenith Go is scary

I thought Zenith Go is similar strength to CrazyStone but apparently I was wrong. I purchased Champ Go HD which running on iPad and purchased in-app for Engine Server Game (8-core-Server) which according to the notes is the 6 dan KGS and the machine that won the eight UEC Cup GO Tournament. I also purchased […]

Kim Myungwan’s Principles of Go

Source: http://www.college-go.org/blog/kim-myungwans-principles-of-go Opening Take the corners Enclose or approach the corners Extend to the sides Middle game Attacking your opponent’s weaknesses Defending your own weaknesses Fighting Who’s got more stones? Who’s got more liberties? (Capturing race scenario) Attacking know why you are attacking; set the aggressiveness of your moves appropriately. You can get benefit elsewhere […]