Workflow Automation with n8n | Installation

What is n8n and how does it look? Short answer IFTTT-like self-hosted alternative, details? Check How to install? Please note that I am hosting with Raspberry Pi hence the easier to maintenance and configure for me is through docker which mean the image used is arm-based. This tutorial expects that you knew docker and […]

How to Setup a Forever Free SSH access to Raspberry Pi without port forward

My home ISP is using private IP for internet access meaning I can’t port forward from the router since the public IP actually used by multiple clients / houses meanwhile having dynamic IP cost me double, so my options are using ngrok or dataplicity or reverse tunnel to a VPS a rather expensive yet convenient. […]

Tips and tricks for your Raspberry Pi

Now you have a fresh Raspberry Pi that’s great now what? Here’s my tips to enhance your experience with Raspberry Pi Install unattended-upgrades This will ensure your pi will get the latest security updates this is important if you are going to install VPN (Wireguard) on your Pi, check this blog post I found […]