Installed PiHole and DNSCrypt-Proxy then what?

This is the continuation from the previous article Simplest pihole + dnscrypt-proxy implementation on Raspberry Pi 4 today I will discuss what configuration that we should do next. Add Adlist There are so many adlist available however my suggestion is that you don’t have to add everything you found in the internet to Pihole adlist since that […]

Install dnscrypt-proxy for MacOS

This tutorial will use DNSCrypt-Proxy and (Indonesian focused ad-and-malware-blocker integration) as DNS resolver on MacOS Catalina 10.15.5 Step 1 – Install DNSCrypt-Proxy Step 2 – Download configuration from Step 3 – Move the configuration to the default setting location Step 4 – Run the dnscrypt-proxy with the new config Step 5 – Without closing […]